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Will Waxman-Markey Move the World Towards Copenhagen?

Written by | April 2nd, 2009


Word of U.S. draft legislation on climate change has reached Bonn, Germany — where discussions are underway about how to secure a new global agreement this December in Copenhagen. Reports from The Nature Conservancy’s team in Bonn tell us that the hunger for U.S. action and leadership is palpable — and with U. S. Special […]

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, April 1

Written by | April 1st, 2009


Isabella Rosselini explaining animal and insect sex? An entire colony of albatrosses vanishing? Europe not being better than the United States at everything? It must either be April Fools Day…or Cool Green Morning, where all the links today are totally, 110 percent verified true. We think. Almost as Weird as Blue Velvet: The second season […]

Waxman-Markey: A Step in the Right Direction for Climate Change

Written by | March 31st, 2009


Late this afternoon, Congressmen Henry Waxman and Ed Markey released a discussion draft for energy and climate change legislation they plan on moving through the House of Representatives. This is one of many steps the House, Senate and Obama Administration will need to take to craft comprehensive legislation on climate change. My colleague, Eric Haxthausen, […]

Cool Green Afternoon: Thursday, Jan. 8

Written by | January 8th, 2009


Float like a Butterfly: Scientists are hopeful that sightings of a large orange-and-black butterfly in England might be the large tortoiseshell, once thought to be extinct. No Malarkey Ed: News from Washington today — Massachusetts Dem Ed Markey will chair the U.S. Senate’s new Energy and Environment Subcommittee. “It’s time to create the clean-energy age,” […]

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