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Cool Green Morning: Thursday, May 5

Written by | May 5th, 2011


Happy Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate in green style:

  1. San Francisco teenagers are suing the government for failure to protect the Earth for future generations. (NY Times)
  2. Speaking of which: the latest predictions for world population growth could amount to serious environmental challenges. (Green)
  3. Forest protection takes one step forward in Indonesia, two steps back in Brazil. (EarthWatch)
  4. Take your lawn to a whole new level this year: go organic! (The Daily Green)
  5. Electronic medical records could cut 1.7 million tons of carbon emissions. (EcoGeek)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, October 19

Written by | October 19th, 2010


The day’s top 5 cool green news stories, delivered right to your doorstep:

  1. The greenest companies in America, as ranked by Newsweek. (GreenBiz)
  2. Children take center stage at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. (EarthWatch)
  3. What’s the least attractive wind turbine color to insects (thus potentially saving lots of birds and bats)? (Treehugger)
  4. Don’t forget to take advantage of the federal tax credit for home energy improvements before it expires at year’s end. (Christian Science Monitor)
  5. Midwestern climate skeptics get on board with cleaner energy. (The New York Times)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, September 30

Written by | September 30th, 2010


The rain is falling here in the East, making for a rather cool green morning:

  1. From Mr. Obama: a plan to roll out climate change and energy legislation in “chunks.” (DotEarth)
  2. And seen on Mrs. Obama: mammoth bone, an ecological alternative to ivory. (Treehugger)
  3. Need proof of a world-wide water crisis? Check out this new water map. (BBC)
  4. Can a group of photographers save Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest? (Earthwatch)
  5. Eww…video of sewage flooding Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal calls attention to the city’s troubled waterways. (Green)
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