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Your International Migratory Bird Day To-Do List

Written by | May 5th, 2010


Dave Mehlman, director of the Conservancy’s migratory bird program, gives you a flock of ways to celebrate migratory birds.

Shameless Plug: Buy a Duck Stamp!

Written by | August 6th, 2009


While I personally would never advocate that bloggers like myself flog merchandise, I have to make an exception for a very valuable thing you should consider purchasing for your very own: a Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp. This stamp, better known as the “Duck Stamp,” is an inexpensive way to support the conservation of […]

State of the Birds: And Now For Some Good News!

Written by | March 24th, 2009


Despite what you might think from my earlier posts, the U.S. State of the Birds Report does contain some good news. Perhaps the most encouraging is the status of wetlands birds (ducks, geese, swans, shorebirds, herons, egrets, etc.) whose indicator shows a dramatic increase starting in the late 1980′s, with current populations far above our base […]

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