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Cool Green Morning: Friday, August 6

Written by | August 6th, 2010


This morning’s links are cool and green and ready before you can say “TGIF!”

  1. Do dispersants pose a risk in seafood? (Green)
  2. Climate change: good or bad for Russia? (The Vine)
  3. The latest outlook for bats hit by white nose syndrome is grim. (Dot Earth)
  4. The world’s largest sanctuary for tigers is in… Myanmar. (Treehugger)
  5. Finally: a solar-powered bike that charges while you ride. (GoodCleanTech)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, August 3

Written by | August 3rd, 2010


As always, your news of the day is cool and green:

  1. The EPA weighs in on the debate over using dispersants to break up the oil in the Gulf. (Green)
  2. No climate bill = no nukes. (The Vine)
  3. Climate change could force Adélie penguins to live in the dark. (Extinction Countdown)
  4. Researchers create a model showing how deforestation happens in 3 distinct ‘waves.’ (BBC)
  5. Sigh…it’s official: the BP spill is the world’s largest accidental release of oil into marine waters. (The New York Times)
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