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Cool Green Morning: Thursday, September 13

Written by | September 13th, 2012


From valuing nature to public transportation in America to veterans, we’ve got your green news.

  1. Nature provides us important services, and companies should value these services more. (Huffington Post)
  2. Surprise! Americans want more public transportation, fewer new roads. (Treehugger)
  3. Pictures: the IUCN released the 100 most endangered species in the world. (National Geographic)
  4. Veterans can help restore rivers in California in a new program initiated by NOAA. (Discovery)
  5. How do we educate about climate change without alienating? Zoos are trying to figure that out. (Green)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, July 6

Written by | July 6th, 2012


It’s still way too hot so we’re pretty much hitting the beach for today’s news.

  1. It looks like dead coral reefs can come back to life. (NPR)
  2. The U.S. Navy admits to causing dolphins and whales “harm of staggering proportions.” (Discovery)
  3. Here’s a look at 10 threatened US coastlines and who’s fighting to protect them. (Mother Nature Network)
  4. NOAA has announced that it has no evidence that mermaids are real. Seriously. (LA Times)
  5. GE is halting construction of what would have been the largest solar factory in the U.S. because of dropping prices. (Yale e360)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, June 15

Written by | June 15th, 2012


This beaver’s tale will get you ready for Father’s Day.

  1. Check out the heartwarming story of a single parent beaver dad. (Discovery)
  2. Speaking of warming, this May was the second warmest on record. (Huffington Post)
  3. Officials now fear the Colorado wildfire could burn all summer. (L.A. Times)
  4. After a century of decline, cougars are making a comeback in the U.S. (BBC)
  5. Despite promises in 1992, little progress has been made in protecting ocean habitats. (Mongabay)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, June 7

Written by | June 7th, 2012


It’s a brilliant, tech-filled morning in the world of green news!

  1. Check out this new app that will help you track utility usage (and save energy) all throughout the day. Genius. (Green)
  2. One for the history books: A solar plane has completed its first intercontinental flight. (National Geographic)
  3. A Virginia couple set a world record for the longest drive on a single tank of gas. How far do you think they got? (CleanTechnica)
  4. Maybe you saw the transit of Venus across the Sun from Earth, but did you see it from the Space Station? (Discovery News)
  5. Recycled pee: are we ignoring a potential solution to the freshwater crisis? (Scientific American)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, June 1

Written by | June 1st, 2012


Here are some green news stories to get you to the weekend. Seriously, it’s Friday!

  1. Greenhouse gasses are at record-high levels, pass a symbolic milestone. (Guardian)
  2. Are the disease-related deaths of bees, bats and frogs linked? (Discovery News)
  3. Horseshoe crab blood is blue and does some amazing things. (NPR)
  4. The largest wildfire in New Mexico’s history is expected to keep burning for weeks. (Huffington Post)
  5. The Honduran president watches as hundreds of illegal shark fins are burned. (Washington Post)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, May 18

Written by | May 18th, 2012


Be sure to watch the skies this weekend and never put rocks in your pockets.

  1. Don’t forget, a “ring of fire” solar eclipse will be visible in parts of the U.S. on Sunday. (National Geographic)
  2. Apple is making a major green change in the U.S. this year. (Scientific American)
  3. Photos: One of the largest male stars on the planet is helping one of the smallest primates. (Mongabay)
  4. The remains of a turtle the size of a car have been discovered in a coal mine. (Discovery News)
  5. Scientists can’t solve the mystery of the rocks that ignited in a woman’s pocket. (L.A. Times)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, May 11

Written by | May 11th, 2012


We hope all the moms will have a Happy Mother’s Day this weekend. Our early gift, cool green news!

  1. A face not just a mom could love: Meet the 1-in-30 million calico lobster! (Huffington Post Green)
  2. You won’t believe how much plastic waste has risen in the Pacific Ocean. (BBC)
  3. Did this video catch a mysterious marine monster or is it all a hoax? (Discovery)
  4. Household chemicals’ “cocktail effect” raises cancer concerns, other illnesses says watchdog. (Guardian)
  5. Check out the cool tool their using to help save Yellowstone’s wolves. (Wired)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 6

Written by | April 6th, 2012


Now this is serious: Climate change vs. the Easter Bunny

  1. The 2012 hurricane forecast is out. How many major storms should we expect? (Discovery)
  2. Bad news: Climate change is taking its toll on the Easter bunny. (Greenspace)
  3. Good news: Stopping climate change would be much cheaper than you think. (Grist)
  4. A U.S. Forest Service employee is under fire for photographing, then killing, a gray wolf. (Washington Post)
  5. 18 of the world’s rarest ducklings have hatched. (BBC)


Cool Green Morning: Thursday, March 8

Written by | March 8th, 2012


Enjoy some green news while the giant solar storm wreaks havoc.

  1. The mystery of the orange goo that invaded Alaska has been solved. (Discovery)
  2. The Philippine National Police have been ordered to plant 10 million trees. (TreeHugger)
  3. The last 100 ruddy ducks in the UK will be exterminated. (Guardian)
  4. Plant movement from climate change is shown in this interactive map. (Scientific American)
  5. A new species of shark, about the size of a housecat, has been discovered. (Wired)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, March 2

Written by | March 2nd, 2012


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Thanks for speaking for the trees.

  1. Speaking of birthdays, did you see the awesome green gift Justin Bieber got yesterday?. (MNN)
  2. A new device could turn sewage plants into power stations. (Guardian)
  3. Ocean acidification is the worst in 300M years. (Discovery)
  4. Caffeine disrupts sleep for morning people, but not night owls. (Scientific American)
  5. A new bat species was discovered in Vietnam. You have to see its face. (Huffington Post Green)
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