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‘Cheers’ to Oceans: Ted Danson’s Role as Conservationist

Written by | May 23rd, 2011


Our president and CEO Mark Tercek reviews Ted Danson’s new book about “Our Endangered Oceans” and thinks it may help create a new star in the environmental movement.

How Should We Measure Fishing Impacts on Marine Food Webs?

Written by | March 14th, 2011


The leading indicator of how fishing impacts marine ecosystem health might be misleading, says scientist Trevor Branch of the University of Washington. So how should we measure those impacts?

Focusing One’s Microscope: Daniel Pauly on the State of Global Fisheries

Written by | January 18th, 2011


In this second in a series on the state of global fisheries, Daniel Pauly asks: Are those who don’t see that we are “fishing down” global marine food webs using the right lens?

Why Do We Keep Hearing Global Fisheries Are Collapsing?

Written by | November 29th, 2010


Some marine scientists say many of the world’s fish stocks are nearing collapse…but the data suggest otherwise, says Peter Kareiva. So why does the media still report that we’re on the verge of a fisheries apocalypse?

Cool Green Morning: Monday, September 28

Written by | September 28th, 2009


We’ve got some meaty topics for you today (um, literally). And yes, we know it is Monday morning, so if you need to take the easy way out, start with this report on the gorgeous fall foliage bursting across Maine. Then buck up and dig in to our top Cool Green News links below. Over at The New Republic, […]

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