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Australia Animal Dance Party!

Written by | May 2nd, 2013


These amazing images capture Australian animals having what appears to be an impromptu dance party. Dancing animals? Of course!

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, July 3

Written by | July 3rd, 2012


World records are broken in today’s green news roundup.

  1. There’s nothing we can do to stop sea-level rise, say scientists. (TreeHugger)
  2. Could Texas soil hold the cure for Alzheimer’s? (Discovery News)
  3. This 20-foot long crocodile is the proud new owner of a Guinness World Record. (National Geographic)
  4. Celebrate the 4th of July at one of America’s most patriotic national parks. (Mother Nature Network)
  5. As outdoor temperatures rise, so do air conditioning bills. Here’s how to save. (The Daily Green)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, September 6

Written by | September 6th, 2011


Remind me never to go swimming in the Philippines. Thanks.

  1. A 21-foot, 2,370-pound seawater crocodile has been captured. (Washington Post)
  2. Watch a baby jaguar trying to learn how to roar. (Huffington Post)
  3. Check out this plant that has a perch for pollinating birds. (BBC)
  4. A major nation has reached a huge milestone in the use of renewable energy. (Mongabay)
  5. A rescue mission is underway to save a stranded whale calf. (Guardian)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, October 29

Written by | October 29th, 2010


Are you ready for some serious reverse trick-or-treating this weekend?

  1. Choc and awe! See why thousands of kids will be giving back Halloween candy. (Grist)
  2. Is the murder of Britain’s largest wild animal a scam? (TreeHugger)
  3. Looks like one of the greenest options for travel is about to get greener. (Green)
  4. Flamingos use “cosmetics” to enhance the color of their feathers. (BBC)
  5. Amazing picture: Is this how the elephant got its trunk? (Sky News)

Expedition to the Solomon Islands: Days 1 and 2

Written by | March 13th, 2009


(Editor’s note: Sanjayan, The Nature Conservancy’s lead scientist, is traveling in the Solomon Islands to explore the amazing diversity of life and the fast vanishing marine and terrestrial habitats on these islands. As part of this expedition, Sanjayan’s experiences will be made available to students across the United States by the interactive curricula company Promethean […]

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