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Welcome to Conservancy Talk

Written by | January 31st, 2013


We’re unveiling Conservancy Talk — a blog for Nature Conservancy staff and invited experts to share their voices on the latest conservation issues.

Green Holiday Ideas from Our Readers

Written by | December 22nd, 2011


Green Holiday Ideas from Our Readers By Madeline Breen One thing is certain: we have the most creative readers. When we asked you how you’ll make your holidays green, we were blown away by your inspiring and eco-friendly ideas. Below is a round up of our favorite green gift and green decor ideas, courtesy of […]

Earth Day 2011, Come on Down!

Written by | April 20th, 2011


From The Price Is Right to a worldwide picnic, we’re changing the ways we celebrate Earth Day. See some of our favorites.

Cool Green Morning: Friday, May 28

Written by | May 28th, 2010


Hey, weren’t you just looking for some awesome stuff to read?

  1. Developed nations pledge $4 billion to help poorer nations protect their forests. (AP/MSNBC)
  2. Ask Umbra offers tips for an eco-friendly Memorial Day weekend. (Grist)
  3. Would you drive 5.4 miles less per day to stop drilling in the Gulf of Mexico? (Treehugger/this here Cool Green Science blog)
  4. In California at least, public support for offshore drilling is dwindling. (LA Times)
  5. This mud that’s being used to try to clog up the Gulf oil leak… what IS it, exactly? (New York Times)

Cool Green Science: The Best of 2009

Written by | December 28th, 2009


It’s been a great Year One for Cool Green Science — check out the top 10 posts of the year as chosen by our editor.

Cool Green Morning: Friday, October 9

Written by | October 9th, 2009


Congratulations to President Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize! Now, what about the real news of the day…such as the most bizarre claim against the dangers of global warming yet floated? Read below for that and more, as always in your daily Coolness: You’ve heard of The Sibley Guide to Birds — the serious […]

Welcome to Cool Green Science!

Written by | January 10th, 2009


“Not another blog!?” you might be saying. And you’d be right: Cool Green Science isn’t just another blog. For starters, it’s a group blog about every important conservation issue you can think of – from migratory birds to coral reefs, from rainforests to climate change to personal green technology. There’s nothing like it in the […]

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