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Message from the Mojave: Shaping the Desert Energy Boom

Written by | June 12th, 2012


Wind and solar offer the promise of a clean energy future. But can these renewables be developed without threatening wildlife and native habitats?

Springsteen & the Conservation Ethic: ‘You Can’t Save Everybody, But You Gotta Try’

Written by | November 13th, 2009


I just started writing this blog on freshwater conservation, so I should be talking about river flows and floodplain fisheries and such. But last night I saw Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform in Cleveland and I can’t get it out of my head. In his words, Springsteen was continuing the “lifelong conversation” […]

Hitting the Target…But Missing the Point

Written by | August 19th, 2009


Conservation is often a game of numbers. Numerical goals, such as protecting 10% of all habitat types, often form the backbone of both international and national conservation policy. Within The Nature Conservancy, numbers like these appear in our 2015 goal (to effectively conserve 10 percent of every major habitat type on Earth by the year […]

The Real Identity of a Conservation Worker

Written by | February 16th, 2009


I spend quite a bit of my time flying through the Indonesian archipelago. On-board entertainment consists mostly of reruns of a hidden camera program called “Just for Laughs,” where practical jokes are played on innocent passers-by. Although the jokes can be pretty lame, it provides a perfect source of silent fun. Sometimes the whole plane […]

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