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Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, August 17

Written by | August 17th, 2010


The week keeps getting cooler and greener:

  1. On the decline: water levels in the Lake Mead reservoir, a source of water for some 30 million people in the West. (Green)
  2. Also on the decline: global CO2 levels fell in 2009, due to the econmic crisis and rise in renewables. (Reuters)
  3. Having a house on the beach is a luxury, right? For shorebirds, it could be a matter of survival. (Conservation Journal Watch)
  4. How effective are LEED standards in protecting human health? (YaleE360)
  5. Around the world in 80 days in… solar-powered electric vehicles. (Green Tech)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, June 8

Written by | June 8th, 2010


We have some important questions here folks:

  1. How many years will the clean-up in the Gulf take? (The New York Times)
  2. What kind of energy bill are we looking at now? (The Vine)
  3. And is the climate bill really going to pass anyway? (Grist)
  4. What influences the spread of invasive species more — a country’s climate and geography or its wealth and population? (Conservation Journal Watch)
  5. Finally, which is greener, beer or wine? (Treehugger)
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