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The Green Buzz: Tuesday, October 8

Written by | October 8th, 2013


In the land of green news today: a strange-looking lizard and a solar power breakthrough.

  1. How many famous animal conservationists can you name? (Mother Nature Network)
  2. We aren’t lying — the Pinocchio lizard has been confirmed living in Ecuador. (Nature World News)
  3. So how exactly did the Hawaiian Islands form? Research offers a new theory. (Science World Report)
  4. An era of nighttime solar power is dawning in the U.S. (TG Daily)
  5. Bee colony cause of death: stress from pesticides. (Discovery News)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, March 12

Written by | March 12th, 2009


Bees, Buckingham Palace and brazen battles-at-sea are on the agenda for this morning’s enviro-news roundup. Check it out…   Underground Beekeeping:  A state law classifing bees as “wild animals” — and therefore illegal to own — hasn’t stopped local-honey-loving New Yorkers from their beekeeping operations. Power Switch: Could cap-and-trade inadvertantly give more power to the nuclear argument? Saving […]

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