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Cool Green Morning: Thursday, May 27

Written by | May 27th, 2010


Start your day the Cool Green way:

  1. “Top kill”: not this summer’s most anticipated action flick, but maybe a way to stop that dang oil from flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. (Los Angeles Times)
  2. Researchers discovered a new bird species in Colombia. In case you were wondering: it’s really cute. (Update: Fun fact! This bird was named after a former Conservancy employee.) (Mongabay)
  3. President Obama will extend the ban on new offshore drilling. (Washington Post)
  4. The gopher: the new poster child of climate change? (Green)
  5. Conservation and biodiversity=happiness, especially in your belly, says one writer. (Guardian)

Mochilas for Monkeys

Written by | December 5th, 2008


What’s good for monkeys is good for people: That’s not always been the case in the tropical dry forest of Colombia. But now a project by Proyecto Titi, a Nature Conservancy partner, is helping a community benefit from monkey conservation. And you can help. Cotton-top tamarin monkeys, also known as titi monkeys, live only in Colombia, […]

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