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Giving Thanks to Salmon: Sustainers of the Great Bear Rainforest

Written by | November 16th, 2012


Within the Great Bear Rainforest, nearly every living being has reason to be thankful for the great runs of salmon that surge through forested streams each year about this time.

People Taking Care of Salmon in Alaska’s Tongass: And How They Take Care of Us

Written by | September 14th, 2012


A new stream project allows wild Alaskan salmon to travel freely for the first time in decades.

Salmon Flourish When Great Trees Fall

Written by | November 4th, 2011


The Coho salmon population in California has fallen 99% in 60 years. Traditional restoration methods are time-consuming and expensive, but a new idea is saving money and just may save the coho.

Nature Photo of the Week: Spawning Coho Salmon

Written by | November 20th, 2009


This amazing shot by Flickr user “Soggydan” Dan Bennett of a leaping coho salmon in Issaquah Creek, Washington state was taken with a 60mm lens — which basically means the photographer could have reached out and touched this fish. Like we said — amazing! Thanks for sharing it through The Nature Conservancy’s Flickr Group, Soggydan! […]

A Silver Bullet for Coho Salmon

Written by | March 18th, 2009


Spreading out from the base of northern California’s Mount Shasta is a landscape rich in cold-water springs and streams — waters that once supported huge runs of coho salmon. But those salmon populations have dwindled dramatically in past decades. Now The Nature Conservancy has protected a critical piece of this habitat — the 4,543-acre Shasta Big Springs […]

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