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Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, October 24

Written by | October 24th, 2012


Urban coyotes, oxen for dinner and chimpanzees that innovate — we’ve got your cool green news this morning.

  1. Wile E. Coyote they aren’t: Urban coyotes are becoming more prevalent. Can we live with them? (Green)
  2. The climate scientist who shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore has sued multiple organizations for defamation. (MNN)
  3. A college plans to slaughter and serve a pair of oxen in Vermont that live on a sustainable farm, amid protests. (NPR)
  4. They may not be behind the mini-iPad, but chimpanzees are innovators — and they’re improving all the time. (Discovery)
  5. The debates are finally over and many are wondering why the deafening silence on climate change. (Treehugger)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, February 28

Written by | February 28th, 2012


Get your green news on:

  1. What shapes American attitudes toward climate change? (Spoiler alert: not climate scientists.) (ArsTechnica, via Wired)
  2. A new industry standard may keep more cell phones out of landfills. (GreenBiz)
  3. In Michigan, renewables are now cheaper than coal. (CleanTechnica)
  4. What’s “left” and what’s “right” when it comes to climate change? (Grist)
  5. With its numbers dropping 99 percent (!) in some areas, sturgeon could be in some pretty serious trouble. (Green)
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