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Cool Green Morning: Friday, June 4

Written by | June 4th, 2010


Sometimes I open my RSS reader and just can’t believe my eyes. This is one of those days, my green friends:

  1. Which species will go extinct first from the Gulf oil spill? An online betting site gives odds. (10,000 Birds)
  2. James Cameron: Now on the oil spill case. (Dot Earth)
  3. Can free-market innovation give better solutions to oil spill prevention and cleanup? (Climate Compass)
  4. Do recovery plans for threatened and endangered species really work? (Conservation Maven)
  5. How to think about nature: As a portfolio of stocks. (Richard Black/BBC)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 2

Written by | April 2nd, 2010


OK, so you got your leg pulled a couple times on April Fool’s Day…but you’re smarter than Mr. Oh-I-Fooled-You-Wisecracker, because you read Cool Green Morning! So there.

  1. What would Ronald Reagan do about climate change? asks a new conservative website. (Climate Compass)
  2. Can you use public surveillance cameras to detect evidence of climate change? (Conservation Maven)
  3. Hey, you with the belching car: The first U.S. national greenhouse gas emissions standards are here. (Ecopolitology)
  4. Probably the best green blog out there moves to the Opinion section of @nytimes. (DotEarth)
  5. How many orange slices will it take to recharge an iPad through a citric acid battery? And yes, I know April Fool’s is over… (Grist)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, December 4

Written by | December 4th, 2009


It was hard, so very hard — but we managed to put together a climate-email-controversy-free Cool Green Morning for you today, filled with birdfeeders that spur evolution and a Wright-Brothers moment for a solar plane. Enjoy your green weekend! That bird feeder you’re filling every week (or every day at our house) — it could […]

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