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Eating Local: A Lesson in Berry Picking

Written by | June 25th, 2013


Strawberry season is the perfect time of year to educate your kids that our food is grown outside — it doesn’t magically appear on the table like a feast at Hogwarts (contrary to what some may think!).

Teaching Children About the Birds and the Snakes: A Mammalogist Goes to Papua New Guinea

Written by | June 13th, 2013


Sometimes, it’s hard to impress children. A father uses his upcoming trip to Papua New Guinea to teach his snake-loving son a lesson on the Birds of Paradise.

Knowledge Flows During Herring Season

Written by | April 17th, 2012


For a group of Heiltsuk First Nation fourth-graders, learning about their community’s connection to herring is about much more than history — it’s about the future of Great Bear Rainforest.

Is Mother Nature in Your Family Tree?

Written by | January 11th, 2012


When we asked you, our readers, how your families have affected your conservation values, you had a lot to say. Here are the inspiring stories that stood out.

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, October 19

Written by | October 19th, 2010


The day’s top 5 cool green news stories, delivered right to your doorstep:

  1. The greenest companies in America, as ranked by Newsweek. (GreenBiz)
  2. Children take center stage at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. (EarthWatch)
  3. What’s the least attractive wind turbine color to insects (thus potentially saving lots of birds and bats)? (Treehugger)
  4. Don’t forget to take advantage of the federal tax credit for home energy improvements before it expires at year’s end. (Christian Science Monitor)
  5. Midwestern climate skeptics get on board with cleaner energy. (The New York Times)

5 Ways to Connect Your Children to the Oceans

Written by | October 5th, 2010


Our marine scientist is turning her kids into ocean geeks… will they be scarred for life or will they grow up to be caretakers of the world’s ocean resources?

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