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The Green Buzz: Thursday, October 10

Written by | October 10th, 2013


There are lots of climate change updates in today’s green news.

  1. Humans are living longer these days, and guess what that means for endangered species? (UC Davis)
  2. Nearly one year after Hurricane Sandy hit, New Jersey residents want their politicians to do something about climate change. (Bloomberg)
  3. Love fish for dinner? Here are some things you should know about your restaurant/grocery store choices. (NPR)
  4. Unprecedented changes in climate are coming very soon for the tropics, and for Washington, D.C. by 2047. (Washington Post)
  5. A legally binding treaty to help curb worldwide mercury pollution is being signed. (BBC News)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 10

Written by | April 10th, 2009


It’s Good Friday in most of the Christian world, and this Midwestern, Catholic-raised boy’s thoughts are naturally turning to…Easter candy. What’s that you say? Bad for my waistline? Well, that’s a lost cause anyway…and besides, Easter candy is actually getting greener. Find out more in this morning’s meltingly hot green roundup: I Likes My Peeps: […]

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, April 7

Written by | April 7th, 2009


  Oh boy, do we have a special treat for you today! Before we get to the news, let’s start off with a green limerick — winner of yesterday’s “Cool Green Morning” limerick challenge. Congratulations to reader TruNorth for his clever rhyme incorporating all of our daily news items: If fish oil reduces cow’s toots, and bottles […]

How Much for a Ton of Carbon?

Written by | February 26th, 2009


This post is written and contributed by Emily Manley, marketing specialist with The Nature Conservancy in New York. A dollar won’t get you very far these days. But if you have $3.38 in your pocket, well, you can buy a whole ton of carbon on the RGGI auction block. RGGI, pronounced “Reggie,” stands for the Regional […]

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