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Australia: Land of the Unusual, or the Homogenized?

Written by | September 14th, 2009


The island nation of Australia has a long history of newcomers landing on its shores — beginning with the first indigenous people, who arrived over 40,000 years ago. With them they bought what was probably the first introduced animal to Australia – the dingo. While it is highly probable this canine had a significant impact […]

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, April 2

Written by | April 2nd, 2009


Don’t be fooled by this beautiful prize-winning photo of a cane toad – the critters are such terrible pests that Australian’s destroy them with glee. Read on for all the green news from around the world in our daily round-up. How Do You Say “Plug It In” in Mandarin? China is aiming to become the world […]

Should We Be Reintroducing Species?

Written by | February 10th, 2009


It’s a much-debated question: Should we be reintroducing species to their former habitats? After all, most modern-day species extinctions came about because of human interference, from poaching to habitat destruction. And once those species are gone from their native habitats, the ecosystems change in response. But should we restore the balance? Bring back, say, elephants to South […]

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