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Dispatches from Bonn: A Small Step Closer to Copenhagen

Written by | June 12th, 2009


The hallways are clearing out here on the last day of the UN climate negotiations in Bonn. Two weeks of negotiations and meetings have resulted in a long document, a lot of options and a lack of leadership. For the Conservancy, we’ve seen a couple of steps forward, and some steps back as well. On […]

Dispatch from Bonn: Ecosystem-based Adaptation is In

Written by | June 12th, 2009


Here’s a second post submitted to Grist.org by Trevor Sandwith, The Nature Conservancy’s Director of Global Protected Areas Policy. Adaptation: Something Old, Something New, Now Some Money is Also Due At the climate negotiations here in Bonn, the main discussions on adaptation have come to a close after a “second reading” of the draft negotiating […]

Dispatch from Bonn: What Really Happens at These Meetings, Anyhow?

Written by | June 11th, 2009


Round Two in the 2009 climate negotiations is underway in Bonn, Germany. The Nature Conservancy has a small team here pushing forward on our objectives for a new global climate agreement that will be finalized this December in Copenhagen. Last week I outlined why we are here and what success means for The Nature Conservancy […]

Dispatch from Bonn: Where Things Stand

Written by | June 10th, 2009


Here’s a Q&A with Duncan Marsh, the Conservancy’s director of international climate policy, on how things are progressing at the international discussions on climate change now going on in Bonn. Q: Where do we stand after this first week? Where should the focus be in the last few days? Duncan Marsh: There has been some […]

Dispatch from Bonn: Training for REDD Helps Countries Get Ready

Written by | June 8th, 2009


Forest Carbon Policy Advisor Rane Cortez tells us about getting the world ready to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation through workshops and online trainings, and how these trainings relate to the climate negotiations underway now in Bonn: Here at the UN climate negotiations in Bonn, there is a lot of talk about “getting ready […]

Dispatches from Bonn: Forests and Emissions Reductions Cheaper than Palm Oil

Written by | June 6th, 2009


My colleague Karen Foerstel, associate director for policy and media relations, offers the following post on a new study linking forest carbon markets, emissions reductions, and economic development: A new study released this week clearly demonstrates a critical point we are pushing at the international climate negotiations here in Bonn: A global carbon market that […]

Dispatch from Bonn: Keeping Nature in the Negotiations

Written by | June 5th, 2009


Trevor Sandwith — our team lead on adaptation at the ongoing international climate change discussions in Bonn — has penned a blog post on Grist.org about a concept gaining momentum here called an ecosystem-based approach to adaptation. He says: It comes down to one basic principle everyone seems to agree on: ensuring that the world’s […]

Dispatch From Bonn: A Pathway to REDD Success

Written by | June 4th, 2009


BONN, Germany — The Nature Conservancy’s forest carbon team hosted an event here at the Bonn climate talks this week to present an innovative proposal on how to reduce emissions from global deforestation — a crucial part of effectively addressing climate change. I sat down with the team to get their perspectives on the proposal […]

Dispatch from Bonn: Climate Talks Continue on Way to Copenhagen

Written by | June 1st, 2009


Round Two in the 2009 climate negotiations is now underway in Bonn, Germany from June 1-12 (known among climaticos as “Bonn II,” because Round One was held here in March). I am part of a small team from The Nature Conservancy that is here to push forward on our objectives for a new global climate […]

U.S. and International Climate Negotiations: The View from Europe

Written by | May 28th, 2009


Sascha Müller-Kraenner, The Nature Conservancy’s senior policy advisor in Europe, always has a fresh perspective on conservation issues from across the pond. Below he discusses why it’s so important for the United States to be fully engaged in international climate change discussions and how Europeans view the latest developments on climate change legislation. By Sascha […]

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