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Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, November 16

Written by | November 16th, 2010


This is possibly the first Cool Green Morning to ever feature a Simpsons reference:

  1. Researchers discovered several new species of frogs, including one that scientists and Simpsons producers think looks like Mr. Burns. (You be the judge.) (Mongabay)
  2. Can natural gas be a part of a “green economy”? (Huffington Post)
  3. Here are four ways to harvest solar energy from roads. (EcoGeek)
  4. Bet you didn’t know that Waste Management’s protected 26,000 acres of wildlife habitat since 2007. (GreenBiz)
  5. Are insecticides responsible for declines in bird population? One researcher thinks so. (YaleE360)

New Study: Biodiversity Continues to Decline Worldwide

Written by | April 29th, 2010


A new study co-authored by a Nature Conservancy scientist says biodiversity worldwide continues to decline, despite an international pledge to slow such losses.

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