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Knock On Wood: Follow the Nesting Woodpeckers

Written by | May 18th, 2010


Can 5 mating pairs of red-cockaded woodpeckers find true love and raise healthy families on our Disney Wilderness Preserve? You’ve just got to follow our nature reality blog on them…

Boucher’s Birding Blog: Why Elevation Makes a Difference

Written by | December 11th, 2009


Just 400 meters of elevation can make a big difference in the birds you see — if you’re traveling through an ecological threshold point, says Tim Boucher.

Skagit River: How Farming and Bird Conservation Help Each Other

Written by | September 22nd, 2009


Successful bird conservation is far harder than it looks. But there are some wonderful examples out there that show how we can have more and better bird habitat and benefit people, too. One of the coolest examples that I know about is the work being done by The Nature Conservancy in Washington in the delta […]

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