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Cool Green Morning: Monday, September 27

Written by | September 27th, 2010


Your cure for the Monday blues– the cool greens:

  1. Is Abu Dhabi’s “zero carbon city” really zero carbon, sustainable… or even a city? (Grist)
  2. Plastic grocery bags may never actually decompose, researchers say. (The Daily Green)
  3. Wood: maybe not such a sustainable, sensible option for heating your home. (Treehugger)
  4. What’s biodiversity worth? (YaleE360)
  5. Man and beast collide in California. (Los Angeles Times)

Energy Sprawl and The Importance of Fact

Written by | August 26th, 2009


During a dinner several months ago, the former U.S. ambassador C. Boyden Gray pointed a gaunt finger at me and said: “You environmentalists dislike ethanol, therefore you must want people to die.” While rhetorically grand, the accusation made little sense in the content of our dinner discussion about the potential land-use impacts of large-scale ethanol […]

New Energy Production and Nature: What Will the Impacts Be?

Written by | August 26th, 2009


Renewable energy is poised to be the wave of the future, but what impact will it have on landscapes and wildlife? In the United States, at least 67 million acres will be developed for new energy projects by 2030. While these projects — including wind, solar and biofuels — will help reduce carbon emissions and […]

Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 24

Written by | April 24th, 2009


Happy Arbor Day! Happy Arbor Day? Sadly overshadowed now by Earth Day, Arbor Day (celebrated in the United States on the last Friday in April) is almost forgotten in the green blogosphere today. Still, why not plant a tree and connect with one of the original American ways of making Earth a little greener? Then […]

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, Jan. 27

Written by | January 27th, 2009


The outlook for emperor penguins is grim, but mountain gorillas in the Congo could be making a comeback… read on for this morning’s enviro-news from cyberspace. Penguin Death March? New research says emperor penguins could be 95 percent extinct by 2100 if Antarctic ice continues to melt. C’mon people, we need to save the penguins! Your […]

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