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Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, October 6

Written by | October 6th, 2010


From solar panels in the White House to poop gas (teehee!) in your kitchen, today’s round-up presents a high-brow/low-brow mix of great green news:

  1. Researchers discovered 200 new species in Papua New Guinea…and you HAVE to see the pictures. (Mongabay)
  2. In case you missed yesterday’s announcement: Obama gives a thumbs-up to White House solar panels. (CleanTechnica)
  3. Obama must be all about solar these days, because his administration just approved the first big solar projects to be built on federal lands. (Grist)
  4. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about energy-efficient light bulbs. (The Daily Green)
  5. The grossest headline of the day: “Cooking on poop gas takes off.” (Treehugger)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, March 30

Written by | March 30th, 2010


We’re bringing you the latest– and most fragrant– green news, from cowpies to deodorant guns (that’s a thing?):

  1. China lessens the stench of its landfills with giant deodorant guns. (Grist)
  2. Scientist James Lovelock thinks the world is too dumb to stop climate change. (Treehugger)
  3. The future of biogas=cow poop. (CleanTechnica)
  4. Why are meteorologists more likely than climatologists to question climate science? (dotEarth)
  5. Hooray for Easter candy! This season’s packaging is more efficient than in years past, says a new report. (Greener Design)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, November 16

Written by | November 16th, 2009


Good news about cow poop. Good news (?) about Copenhagen. Good news for those of you who’ve always dreamed of a dress made of LED lights. Happiness is the smell of a new Cool Green Morning, to paraphrase Don Draper… The rehabilitation of poop continues: The Netherlands has opened its second cow-dung power plant, reports […]

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