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Cool Green Morning: Friday, October 23

Written by | October 23rd, 2009


Some days you wake up and find everything you’re doing and believing is wrong — like eating tomatoes or thinking your fellow Americans trust the scientific consensus that man is causing climate change. This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of those days. But tomorrow is Climate Action Day, so…maybe slice a tomato and take it […]

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, September 16

Written by | September 16th, 2009


Filling your tank with dead trees. Battling climate change with contraception. Robots, toxic waste and the mob. It’s just another Saturday night for some, but for us, it adds up to a pretty wild Cool Green Morning: Andy Revkin over at Dot Earth asks if, um, family planning might be the “ultimate green technology.” Researchers […]

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, July 2

Written by | July 2nd, 2009


It’s another innovative day here at Cool Green Morning. Reducing emissions through better highway toll systems, making biofuel from human waste, using social pressure to achieve conservation goals… the world is full of creative ideas to help solve our environmental problems. Enjoy! It wasn’t a surprise, but it’s still good news: the EPA has granted the […]

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, June 30

Written by | June 30th, 2009


With our counterpart on week two of a European vacation, it’s no wonder that Cool Green Morning has Europe on the mind… or maybe it’s because those Europeans are so progressive when it comes to cap-and-trade and universal cell phone chargers? Read on for all the top news, from here and abroad. Universal cell phone […]

The Peruvian Amazon Explodes…But Is Anyone Watching?

Written by | June 23rd, 2009


The death of at least 45 people in rioting between police and indigenous demonstrators in the town of Bagua in the Peruvian Amazon on June 5th was, among other things, a neat demonstration of what doesn’t count as news in the global village. (See video above of the clash from Enlace Nacional, a Peruvian news […]

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, June 18

Written by | June 18th, 2009


Saving gorillas in Cameroon, going energy-independent in San Jose, cleaning up explosives with native grasses… all the Cool Green News you need is just a click away. Can fish think like humans? A study of the nine-spined stickleback found that these common fish might have a social learning ability never before seen in other animals. […]

New U.S. Biofuels Policy: The View From Brazil

Written by | May 12th, 2009


Brazilians are realists when it comes to politics. We have dozens of political parties here — based not so much on ideology as personal networks, sectional interests and marriages of convenience. No president can command a working majority in the Brazilian Congress, so issues are resolved through wheeling and dealing, case by case. Brazilians view […]

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