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The Green Buzz: Wednesday, May 8

Written by | May 8th, 2013


How would you like a tree to light your way at night, rather than a streetlight?

  1. A small group of bio-tech hobbyists and entrepreneurs are starting a project to develop plants that glow. (The New York Times)
  2. Could remnants from the Cold War help bats? (BBC News)
  3. Looks like the new cool thing for corporations is to be innovative and sustainable. (MNN)
  4. Bee colonies are still collapsing, and crops are suffering, with no definitive culprit to blame. (NPR)
  5. Amazing and weird: nature’s most transparent animals. (National Geographic)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, January 11

Written by | January 11th, 2010


Do you really want to face Monday morning without the top 5 green news links online? We didn’t think so.

  1. Meg Whitman’s first act as governor of California, if elected? Suspend the state’s climate change law. (LA Times)
  2. Researchers find that many new marine species originate in coral reefs. (Conservation Journal Watch)
  3. Looking at the Pliocene period gives scientists clues about our current warming planet. (Bright Green Blog)
  4. Clean energy projects are eligible for $2.3 billion in tax credits just announced by the Obama administration. (NY Times)
  5. Bee colony collapse might not have one primary cause, says bee scientist. (Wired Science)
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