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The Green Buzz: Tuesday, June 11

Written by | June 11th, 2013


We’re buzzing about today’s green news. Unfortunately, the bees are not…

  1. 31% of managed bee colonies have been lost this season. (Chicago Tribune)
  2. Super-sized mosquitoes (20 times their typical size!) arrive in Florida. (TIME)
  3. Rooting for the underdog? Here are 10 of the least-visited national parks. (The Daily Green)
  4. How having fewer trees around may be bad for your health. (PBS)
  5. Meet the world’s most dangerous oceans. (Huffington Post Green)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, May 17

Written by | May 17th, 2011


Microbes in space (!) and more exciting green news:

  1. Which is more frightening: traditional livestock practices or “growing” meat in labs? (DotEarth)
  2. New research says cell phones are contributing to the decline of honeybees. (Treehugger)
  3. Drought hits central China, drying up reservoirs along the Yangtze River. (The New York Times)
  4. The world’s middle class is growing, which should mean more consumption and pollution… does it? (Christian Science Monitor)
  5. Yesterday’s space shuttle launch sent six astronauts plus a bobtail squid, a water bear and “Conan the Bacterium” into space. (Wired)
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