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The Nature Conservancy in 2010: A Big, Bold Year

Written by | January 31st, 2011


Our 2010 highlights video showcases some incredible work—but what does it all mean? Conservancy senior scientist Jon Hoekstra digs deeper and finds what he thinks is the heart and soul of conservation.

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, April 22

Written by | April 22nd, 2010


Happy Earth Day, earthlings! Celebrate with a fresh roundup of the greenest, coolest, earthiest links on the web:

  1. Read a review of our Atlas of Global Conservation, which comes out today! (National Geographic)
  2. Is Earth Day due for a name change? (Treehugger)
  3. Three percent of the world’s carbon emissions stem from milk production, says a new report. (Mongabay)
  4. An unusual way to go green this Earth Day: give up the cigs. (Grist)
  5. Good news for eco-conscious soccer moms: a Prius minivan may make its debut next year. (EcoGeek)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, April 8

Written by | April 8th, 2010


Read on for the day’s coolest and greenest news:

  1. Hey, did you hear? The Nature Conservancy’s releasing The Atlas of Global Conservation on Earth Day. (YaleE360)
  2. In less than 40 years, forests in the eastern U.S. declined by 4.1 percent, says a new study. (Mongabay)
  3. Measuring a company’s water footprint isn’t as easy as it probably should be. (Green Inc.)
  4. Since 1990, fishing gear’s been responsible for the accidental deaths of around 8 million sea turtles. (Journal Watch Online)
  5. A coal-carrying ship traveling through a marine protected area (!) runs aground on the Great Barrier Reef, and the crew thinks it’s no big deal. (Treehugger)
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