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21 Tips for Decreasing Your Energy Bill

Written by | March 3rd, 2011


After putting her home through an energy audit, Steph Wear is saving big bucks on her utilities. Now she shares ideas that can help you lower your bills.

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, May 6

Written by | May 6th, 2010


What pairs best with your morning cup of coffee? The coolest, greenest and also most awesome links on the interwebs, of course:

  1. Invasives aren’t as tough as we think they are, a new study says. (Journal Watch Online)
  2. A toxic oil dispersant is being used in the Gulf, even though there may be a better, safer alternative. (Wired)
  3. How much energy do your home appliances suck up? This cool infographic breaks it all down. (GE, via Treehugger)
  4. Could this be the end of the phrase “drill, baby, drill”? (The Hill)
  5. Here are ten ways to reduce your oil footprint. (Huffington Post Green)

Should You Ignore Energy Star Ratings?

Written by | March 30th, 2010


A government investigation found that the Energy Star energy-saving rating program isn’t fool-proof. But that doesn’t mean you should buy any old appliance, says our green tech blogger Dave Connell.

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