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Nature Photo of the Week: Hello Green Anole

Written by | October 3rd, 2013


Is it just us or does it look like this bright green anole is setting up to play the piano? His long fingers, calm expression and body language are fantastic. Kudos goes to Flickr photographer Mary Evans for this great capture.

Nature Photo of the Week: Vibrant Lizard

Written by | July 10th, 2013


Vibrant colors, unique patterns and intricate textures — this lizard could be a piece of art with all of its stunning features. Kudos to Flickr photographer Patricia Pierce for making this wonderful photograph and for sharing it through The Nature Conservancy’s Flickr group.

Nature Photo of the Week: Young and Green

Written by | September 18th, 2009


This fabulous close-up of a young green anole was taken by Flickr user Jenna Stirling in her backyard in Texas. Never seen an anole before? Me neither. But now I know it’s a lizard closely related to the iguana, though because it can change its skin color and run up walls, the anole is often […]

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