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Alabama: Putting Out the First Line of Defense

Written by | May 4th, 2010


A Nature Conservancy crew is finally able to set booms to protect our oyster reef restoration project at Coffee Island — but it’s only a thin line of defense.

Alabama: ‘I Think of All the People I Meant to Bring Here’

Written by | May 3rd, 2010


The Conservancy’s Bill Finch visits the marshes of Grand Bay for what might be a last look at an incredible ecosystem before the Gulf oil spill hits.

Alabama: Waves Too Rough for Booms

Written by | May 2nd, 2010


Alabama’s Bayou community worries as the waves off its coast were too rough yesterday to deploy oil-containing booms, reports the Conservancy’s Bill Finch.

Alabama: ‘We’re Doing All We Can Do’

Written by | May 1st, 2010


Bill Finch, the Conservancy’s director of conservation in Alabama, says the Conservancy is moving to protect its oyster reef restoration projects there from the coming oil slick — but there are thousands of miles of coastline to go.

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