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Cool Green Morning: Friday, June 5

Written by | June 5th, 2009


350 versus 450? If you don’t know what that question means, you soon will — it’s going to be a huge point of discussion this December at international climate change talks. On the other hand, you could just watch the video from 350.org above and then read this morning’s Cool Greeness, thereby equipping you to […]

Cool Green Morning: Monday, May 4

Written by | May 4th, 2009


We scour the Internets (all of them) to find the five most interesting green stories of the day. Every morning. An absolutely free service. You’re welcome! Google is conserving energy at its headquarters campus by using goats to trim its lawns for the same cost as mowing the grass. (No word on the methane output […]

Cool Green Morning: Monday, March 9

Written by | March 9th, 2009


Al Gore a snore? Where have we heard that one before? Not from the left — which is where you can find critics taking shots at Big Al today on Cool Green Science, along with four other green links you must read today: Is Al Gore Too Boring to be Useful? Marc Gunther says he […]

Cool Green Morning: Friday, March 6

Written by | March 6th, 2009


Climatologists have long feared that climate change would eventually unfreeze the frozen methane at the bottom of the Arctic Sea — and that that methane (a greenhouse gas with a warming potential 25 times that of carbon dioxide) would accelerate climate change exponentially. Well, that methane melting is here — the writer Bill McKibben told […]

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, March 5

Written by | March 5th, 2009


China is today’s glimmer of green hope — yes, China — on Cool Green Morning. Here are the five links you MUST click on today to stay au courant en verde: Glug Glug Glug: Florida, Louisiana, Texas and North Carolina’s coasts are among the most vulnerable in the United States to sea-level rise (a widely […]

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, Feb. 10

Written by | February 10th, 2009


An underwater eye on climate change, a computer program for monitoring home energy consumption and species relocation to help adapt to climate change… it’s all about new ideas and technologies today. How Much Does That Wind Cost? According to recent data, the price of transmitting wind energy from Midwest turbines to the Northeast could be […]

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, Jan. 29

Written by | January 29th, 2009


Green Super Bowls and carbon-neutral cell phones… what’s next? Find out in this morning’s round-up from enviro blogs. Super Bowl Goes Green: The NFL will expand its environmental program to include renewable energy and carbon offsets to help power this year’s Super Bowl. Get Out the Books: The European Commission will be holding a summer school […]

Cool Green Morning: January 2, 2009

Written by | January 2nd, 2009


Good morning! (We didn’t say that too loudly, in case you’re still suffering from a New Year’s hangover.) Here’s what we’re finding in the green blogosphere this morning: Joel Makower is pessimistic that businesses can ever achieve true sustainability–that is, without an economic meltdown to prod them. But is corporate carbon neutrality impossible, anyway? That’s […]

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