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Dispatch from Bonn: Ecosystem-based Adaptation is In

Written by | June 12th, 2009


Here’s a second post submitted to Grist.org by Trevor Sandwith, The Nature Conservancy’s Director of Global Protected Areas Policy. Adaptation: Something Old, Something New, Now Some Money is Also Due At the climate negotiations here in Bonn, the main discussions on adaptation have come to a close after a “second reading” of the draft negotiating […]

Dispatch from Bonn: Keeping Nature in the Negotiations

Written by | June 5th, 2009


Trevor Sandwith — our team lead on adaptation at the ongoing international climate change discussions in Bonn — has penned a blog post on Grist.org about a concept gaining momentum here called an ecosystem-based approach to adaptation. He says: It comes down to one basic principle everyone seems to agree on: ensuring that the world’s […]

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, June 2

Written by | June 2nd, 2009


It’s a bright new day. Start it off on a green foot with our roundup of the top Cool Green Morning news links. Remember Sarajevo? One consequence of the seige that you might not have heard about was the massive destruction of the city’s trees.  A new study documents the damage and recovery of an urban forest. In response […]

Rock Creek, Climate Change and Natural System Adaptation

Written by | June 1st, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a late-night, long distance phone conversation with my daughter, Becky, and her fear that climate change might so disrupt human communities around the world that it would threaten all of our security. Now, following weeks of working on climate and energy legislation in Washington, I was taking […]

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, May 28

Written by | May 28th, 2009


Would you change your commute if you had a personal “CO2 pedometer” that tracked your daily carbon footprint? Do you think white-washing rooftops will help fight global warming? Tell us what you think… after you finish reading your daily dose of cool green news, of course. Who’s looking out for the California gnatcatcher? No one, says the U.S. GAO. A […]

Deconstructing Climate Change Legislation

Written by | May 17th, 2009


I’m Eric Haxthausen, Director of The Nature Conservancy’s U.S. Climate Policy program, and I’ll be blogging over the coming weeks and months about U.S. climate legislation.
 On Friday, Congressmen Henry Waxman and Ed Markey, the chairmen of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, introduced comprehensive legislation that would address global warming and energy security. […]

Dedication to Our Natural Systems

Written by | May 17th, 2009


On May 15, the House Energy and Commerce Committee released the text of the American Clean Energy and Security Bill, which will go to markup by the committee next week.  With the determined leadership of Congressman John Dingell of Michigan and others, the bill includes dedicated funding to, in the language of the bill: Use […]

Traditional Conservation Methods for a New Threat

Written by | May 7th, 2009


Continuing our series of blog posts on the Waxman-Markey climate change legislation debate, senior policy advisor Tom Cassidy explains the nuances of domestic adaptation funding in the proposed bill. One of the Conservancy’s principal climate policy objectives — besides the fundamental necessity of imposing sharp reductions on carbon emissions — is to create a dedicated […]

Is This the Time For Climate Change Policy?

Written by | April 21st, 2009


As Congress returns to Washington this week, climate change legislation is rising to the top of their agenda. Eric Haxthausen, the Conservancy’s director of U.S. Climate policy offers this assessment of the coming weeks: We’re entering an eventful and exciting period for U.S. climate change policy.  On Friday, the EPA released their long-awaited “endangerment finding” […]

Building a Climate Change House of Cards

Written by | April 3rd, 2009


If you don’t know what Copenhagen and climate change have to do with each other, you’ve got some reading to do. If you do know, you may be hoping that we are finally on track for a new-and-improved global climate change agreement that will take care of the problems that the Kyoto Protocol failed to […]

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