Cool Green Morning: Friday, June 26

Written by | June 26th, 2009


Today, if all goes according to plan, the House of Representatives will — for the first time in history — vote on climate change legislation. In support of this historic occasion, Cool Green Morning offers up five must-read stories on the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES). Writing for The Huffington Post, Bill Scher […]

Climate Change Impacts: Now Scarier Than Any Hollywood Thriller

Written by | June 19th, 2009


For all the doom and gloom forecasts that have dominated climate change warnings, it’s easy to understand why people envision a future when post-apocalyptic survivors struggling to save civilization in a barren world where people battle over scarce food and water supplies. The realities of climate change will probably not be so sensational. But a landmark scientific report issued by the US government this week clearly shows that the impacts will be just as scary.

Climate Change: A Rare Moment of Humor

Written by | May 22nd, 2009


From the Even Global Warming Can Be Amusing department — check out the video above of yesterday’s reading of the Waxman-Markey climate change bill before the House Energy and Commerce Committee…by a speed reader. (Republicans on the committee had been threatening this week to have the entire bill — all 900 pages of it — […]

Cool Green Morning: Friday, May 22

Written by | May 22nd, 2009


You want the good news or the bad news first this morning? OK, I’ll put the good news in the first two links — ahead of how water scarcity is spurring domestic abuse, melting Arctic ice might release deadly influenza, and why problem bears are exploding in number across the western United States. (See photo […]

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