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Hole-in-the-Mountain Prairie
Hazel Wong at Machu Picchu in Peru.
In Cuba, it can feel like the clock stopped in 1959. Cars like this vintage Chevrolet (seen on the beach at Punta Perdiz along the Bay of Pigs) are common.
Sao Paulo. The largest city in South America and home to 12 million people. ©Scott Warren
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Photo: © Don Whitebread
Water birds congregate at Hog Island, Virginia Coast Reserve. Photo:  
© Hal Brindley
Tufted Titmouse. Photo: ©Janet Haas
Jaymee Marty's team looks into buckets of water collected from the vernal pools on the Howard Ranch near Sacramento for research into the effects of cattle grazing on California's delicate vernal pool habitats. Photo by Ian Shive.

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