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Open Thread: Turning Valentine’s Day Green

Written by | February 5th, 2011


We’re bringing the spirit of Green Gift Monday to Valentine’s Day. What are you doing this year to make your Valentine’s Day a little more eco-friendly?

Open Thread: How Will You Make Your Holidays Green?

Written by | November 16th, 2010


There are many ways to make the season a little more eco-friendly. Simple things like supporting Green Gift Monday, recycling wrapping paper or using LED lights. Will you be doing anything different this year to make it a green holiday season?

Speak Up for Nature! Send a Message to President Obama

Written by | September 22nd, 2010


We want 1 million Americans to share their ideas on protecting the places they love. The Conservancy’s president and CEO Mark Tercek explains how you can make a difference.

Personal Green or Political Green?

Written by | April 26th, 2010


Has green activism lost its way, forsaking political action for mere shopping and lifestyle choices? Or is personal green action a necessary prelude to collective change? Let us know what you think — leave a comment below.

This Earth Day, Are You Optimistic or Pessimistic?

Written by | April 19th, 2010


The 40th anniversary of Earth Day is April 22 — are you optimistic or pessimistic about the prospects for nature, the environment, the Earth, the Red Sox? And are you taking action based on your disposition? Let us know — make a comment below!

Taxing for Green Behavior?

Written by | March 31st, 2010


The District of Columbia’s tax on plastic shopping bags has generated $150,000 in revenue while cutting the number of bags handed out by city establishments by 85%. Do you like using taxes to nudge people toward green behavior? How else should government and society be encouraging a deeper shade of green — if at all? Leave a comment below.

Has ‘Climategate’ Affected Your Trust in Science?

Written by | February 8th, 2010


Have recent revelations about email dustups and some unsupported claims regarding climate change shaken your confidence in science as a whole? Or are these just anomalies and human failings, and your trust in science still strong? Let us know — leave a comment below.

What Should We Call What Nature Provides Us?

Written by | January 22nd, 2010


We need one inspiring phrase that expresses everything nature gives to human beings — agriculture, drinking water, clean air, recreation, aesthetic pleasure and more. “Natural Capital?” “Nature’s Benefits?” “Natural Life-Support?” “Environmental Value?” Tell us — you could really help us convince others that nature is life itself!

Open Thread: What’s Your Eco-Resolution for 2010?

Written by | January 4th, 2010


Going greener for the New Year? Or are you sick and tired of resolutions that don’t stick? Leave a comment — let us know what you’re doing (or not doing) to save the planet in 2010!

Open Thread: What’s Your Take on Copenhagen?

Written by | December 21st, 2009


Now that the UN climate summit in Copenhagen is over…what’s your take on what happened? And what do you think are the prospects for a binding global treaty to deal effectively with climate change?

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