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A Favorite Earth Song List — What Are Yours?

Written by | April 22nd, 2010


Jeff Opperman returns with a new top 10 (actually, top 14) song list for Earth Day — read it and leave your favorites in the comments section!

Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 16

Written by | April 16th, 2010


How do you take this nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Cool Green Morning — the Mary Tyler Moore of green news roundups!

  1. Raw pig manure → crude oil? Now possible. Thank your local hog. (CleanTechnica)
  2. A hyperlocal pattern emerges in the geopolitics of climate change — will the United States be left behind? (Solve Climate)
  3. Could huge solar-powered dirigibles be the new cargo ships? Oh, the humanity! (CleanTechnica)
  4. Lax zoo security = exploding new invasive species populations in Europe. (Conservation Maven)
  5. This just in: Climategate was overblown. (The Vine)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, April 15

Written by | April 15th, 2010


We can’t help with your tax problems, but we can help you with that whole “needing the day’s best green news” thing:

  1. Watch our lead scientist Sanjayan talk about northern white rhinos on this morning’s The Today Show. (
  2. Major League Baseball kicks off a major conservation and greenhouse-gas reduction program. (CleanTechnica)
  3. What happens if California’s climate law gets put on hold? (Grist)
  4. The GOP might be interested in getting on board with energy reform. That would be nice. (Treehugger)
  5. A new movement encourages pharmaceutical companies to make drugs that are just as safe for the environment as they are for people. (YaleE360)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, March 15

Written by | March 15th, 2010


If your name’s “Julius Caesar,” this morning will not be cool and green (it will be red, warm, then very cold). If you name is anything else, relax and catch up on the day’s hottest green news…

  1. What’s killing the great forests of western North America? (Yale Environment 360)
  2. Who’s growing more skeptical of climate change in the United States? (The Vine)
  3. Why is Japan frightened of China’s green tech investments? (GreenBiz)
  4. Who has the world’s first skyscraper with built-in wind turbines? (Inhabitat)
  5. What’s the carbon emission toll caused by a single page view of Treehugger? (Treehugger)

Climate Change Debates? There’s an App for That!

Written by | March 10th, 2010


A new iPhone app gives you the factual edge in your debate with climate-change skeptics, says our green blogger Margaret Southern.

Cool Green Morning: Friday, March 5

Written by | March 5th, 2010


A mourning dove is pecking at my window, trying to get in. Hey, pal — read Cool Green Morning on your own computer, like everybody else does!

  1. A new book says climate change will craft a new world order — United States and E.U. vs. China and Russia. (Climate Feedback)
  2. Why the “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers” campaign is state-of-the-art conservation marketing. (Conservation Maven)
  3. The new climate change battleground: The American classroom. (Dot Earth)
  4. Greenhouse gases so hog the spotlight — so here’s a look at the neglected airborne pollutants. (The Vine)
  5. The 5 movies that should win an Oscar from a green standpoint (yes, yes,”Avatar” is still one of them). (The Daily Green)

The Readers’ Top 10 River Songs

Written by | March 3rd, 2010


More than 140 people responded to Jeff Opperman’s post about his favorite river songs with their own suggestions — but which of those were the most popular?

Cool Green Morning: Friday, February 26

Written by | February 26th, 2010


There are two things certain in this life: Death, and wind-powered chili. (And Cool Green Morning, every weekday). Read on…

  1. Somebody needs to assemble a sustainable biofuel cookbook…cuz here’s another recipe: Ethanol from orange peels and tobacco (CleanTechnica)
  2. The most widely used herbicide in the world (it’s in Roundup) could be a silent fish killer. (Conservation Maven)
  3. A landmark DC chili joint switches to wind power (Environmental Leader)
  4. Wal-Mart announces it’ll cut carbon emissions by its supply chain — the green blogosphere reacts. (Grist)
  5. RIP, Bright Green Blog. (Bright Green Blog)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, February 23

Written by | February 23rd, 2010


Get your green on with these five cool links:

  1. Ignore the noise from climate skeptics– climate change is still happening, scientists say. (Mongabay)
  2. Ask Umbra offers tips on how to green your takeout and “reduce your carbon forkprint.” (Grist)
  3. The US is merging war training with species preservation on stateside military bases (New York Times).
  4. Keeping with that theme: the Department of Defense is working with organizations like The Nature Conservancy to protect habitat around bases. (Greenwire via New York Times)
  5. Spirit-maker Bacardi reduced its carbon emissions by nearly 10 percent last year. Party! (GreenBiz)

The Lessons of ‘Avatar’ for Sustainable Hydropower

Written by | February 23rd, 2010


Conservancy scientist Jeff Opperman discovers a new ending to the script of “Avatar” — and wonders if the Battle for Hometree even needed to be fought.

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