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Green Gift Monday Partner Q&A: Surfrider Foundation

Written by | December 6th, 2010


Matt McClain of the Surfrider Foundation tells us why he doesn’t have a Christmas tree and shares a big secret, the three best days of the year to hit the waves.

10 Green Gift Ideas From TreeHugger

Written by | November 28th, 2010


Our writer picked one gift upcycled from vintage records and another made of elephant poo. Seriously! Now that’s a green gift guide.

Green Gift Monday Partner Q&A: gDiapers

Written by | November 26th, 2010


Kelli McKee of gDiapers tells us why she loves a bauble in the toe of a sock and a green dickie under a white v-neck sweater.

Give the Gift of Knowledge

Written by | November 26th, 2010


Our writer cut his electric bill, but does that mean he lowered his carbon footprint? A new device could give him the answer and help him save even more money.

Christmas Tree Debate: Real or Fake?

Written by | November 25th, 2010


The question is asked every year, is a real Christmas tree or a fake one better for the environment? Our climate adaptation strategy lead says there’s a clear choice.

10 Gifts from Etsy for the Green Geek Mom

Written by | November 24th, 2010


What can you get for the cool, eco-friendly mom that has everything? Check out these creative and affordable ideas.

Green Gift Monday Partner Q&A: blissmo

Written by | November 24th, 2010


Sundeep Ahuja, the founder of blissmo, tell us why Green Gift Monday is important and that a great holiday film can have explosions.

10 Gifts From Etsy for the Green Geek Dad

Written by | November 21st, 2010


He’s a geek. He’s a dad. And he’s found some cool (mostly) green gifts that he can’t live without, but he doesn’t really need, from his favorite online flea market/vintage store.

Open Thread: How Will You Make Your Holidays Green?

Written by | November 16th, 2010


There are many ways to make the season a little more eco-friendly. Simple things like supporting Green Gift Monday, recycling wrapping paper or using LED lights. Will you be doing anything different this year to make it a green holiday season?

Turning Cyber Monday Into Green Gift Monday

Written by | November 15th, 2010


Every year we spend more and more on Cyber Monday. Imagine the difference we could make if just a fraction of that money was spent on responsible, meaningful holiday gifts.

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