Rod Salm

Dr. Rod Salm was raised in Mozambique and has focused his study on coral reefs and how climate change, ocean acidification, and unsustainable practices are destroying them. He is the author of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas: A Guide for Planners and Managers. Dr. Salm leads marine conservation in the Asia Pacific Region for The Nature Conservancy and was crucial in the development of the Conservancy’s Global Marine Initiative. He currently resides in Honolulu and is working with teams of scientists in creating responses to the threats that the coral reefs are facing. Dr. Salm has published more than 170 articles and 6 books on marine ecology, taxonomy, resource management, conservation, and popular natural history.

Rod's Posts

Reef Resilience Revealed: How We Can Help Corals Recover

October 19th, 2012

In advance of delivering a speech at the Colorado Ocean Coalition's Making WAVES Symposium, Dr. Rod Salm reflects on a career of coral conservation. More

Reef Revelations: Saving Corals from Hotter Oceans

August 4th, 2010

How can we conserve coral reefs in the face of climate change? Conservancy marine scientist Rod Salm and his colleagues have pieced together a possible solution. More

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