Michael Looker

Michael Looker

Michael Looker is a trained botanist and one of Australia’s conservation leaders. Appointed Australia Program Director in 2005, he was the first Australian to join TNC. Michael has already led the Australia Program to achieve remarkable results including the protection of 3.6 million hectares through 28 land acquisitions, and the establishment of a Corporate Conservation Council to forge a closer alliance between business and conservation. He has also developed close working relationships with Indigenous communities and organizations supporting their aspirations in looking after their country. The acquisition of Fish River Station (180,000 hectares) in the Northern Territory as part of this program marked the first time that a conservation NGO in Australia has been involved in purchasing land that will be handed back to its Indigenous Traditional owners and managed for conservation.

Michael's Posts

Australia: Land of the Unusual, or the Homogenized?

September 14th, 2009

The island nation of Australia has a long history of newcomers landing on its shores — beginning with the first indigenous people, who arrived over 40,000 years ago. With them they bought what was probably the first introduced animal to Australia – the dingo. While it is highly probable this canine had a significant impact […] More

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