Leigh Greenwood

Leigh-GreenwoodLeigh Greenwood is the manager of Don’t Move Firewood, an outreach campaign managed by The Nature Conservancy’s Forest Health Protection Program. Leigh’s interest in the complex relationships between invasive species and native birds stems from even before her Master’s Degree in Wildlife Biology, where she studied the interplay between invasive plants, flies used for biological control, and the overwinter foraging of Black-capped and Mountain chickadees. She has worked for the Conservancy since 2007 and her current favorite bird is the Clark’s Nutcracker.

Leigh's Posts

Arbor Day: Earth Day’s Wingman

April 26th, 2013

Did you know… over its lifetime, a large tree can provide almost $6,000 worth of benefits to those that live near it? In honor of Arbor Day, we're sharing stats and tips for how you can keep our trees alive and thriving. More

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