Jen Molnar

Jen Molnar

Jen Molnar is the deputy director of The Nature Conservancy's Center for Global Trends. She conducts global analyses of habitat condition and threats across multiple habitats, with a focus on marine and freshwater systems. She led the first global assessment of the threat of marine invasive species. She is also leading the compilation of a forthcoming global conservation atlas that will present over 100 global maps portraying biodiversity distributions, habitat condition, threats and conservation actions.

Outside of work, Jen enjoys getting outside and taking photographs, whether traveling or near home in Seattle, WA.

Jen's Posts

Bird Brains to the Rescue

January 28th, 2009

When thinking about all of the challenges in conservation — climate changing, habitats being lost, populations increasing — it can seem like a lot of doom and gloom. Especially when discussing extinction. But in these optimistic days, it is good to see signs of hope. Like in this recent article on a study (pdf) by […] More

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