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Andrew Benson is a social media and mobile intern for The Nature Conservancy.

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The Green Buzz: Friday, August 9th

August 9th, 2013

It’s Friday and you want to get out of the office so we won’t take up too much of your time for today's #GreenBuzz.

  1. Great Scott! The future is here! Solar Energy is becoming more popular and more affordable (HuffPo)
  2. There is nothing sadder than this: Study finds Green turtles are swallowing increased amounts of plastic (Guardian)
  3. Yeah, that brand new car in your driveway may be sleek and fuel efficient, but by 2040, it may be illegal… (TreeHugger)
  4. Have you ever thought about doing all of your gardening underground? With a pricetag of 300 dollars, this may be worth a look! (TreeHugger)
  5. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling composting the city’s “The final recycling frontier.”(ENN) More

The Green Buzz: Friday, July 26 2013

July 26th, 2013

Happy Friday! I don't know about you, but my favorite part of the morning is sipping on coffee and reading green news stories of the day! Grab a cup of joe and check these out!

  1. There's no place like home! After years of improper captivity, this dolphin found its way back home after being released back into the ocean! (HuffPo)
  2. The week that has mesmerized and even terrified viewers is almost here! Meet the man legend behind shark week! (MNN)
  3. Remember that old phone in the junk cabinet that you can't bring yourself to throw away? Why not recycle it! (TreeHugger)
  4. If only utopias really did exist... Oh wait... (TreeHugger)
  5. Fill in the blank: The best place for solar power is _______________. I bet you didn't guess New Jersey! (MNN)   

The Green Buzz: July 12, 2013

July 12th, 2013

It's Friday! ..and we all know you're on Facebook at work... But don't worry, we'll keep it a secret while you check out these green news stories!

  1. So we already knew dolphins are smart and have many talents, but is detecting pregnancy one of them? (HuffPo)
  2. I wonder if Forrest Gump could ride a bike from San Fransisco to Brazil like this 70- year old man!(HuffPo)
  3. I'll admit, my inner child is a bit jealous of this house built in a tree! (TreeHugger)
  4. That moment when the batteries in the remote die may be a bit further apart, thanks to rice! (TreeHugger)
  5. This may not be the alien spaceship from 'Man of Steel' but finding a cargo plane six decades old beneath the ice is still pretty awesome! (HuffPo)

The Green Buzz: Monday, July 1

July 1st, 2013

I know, I know, it's Monday and a single cup of joe just isn't cutting it. Get your Morning buzz with today's #GreenNews!

  1. No batteries? No problem. Check out this flashlight powered by the heat of your hands! (TreeHugger)
  2. The pictures from inside this New Zealand cave will make the view from your boss's corner office look like a blank wall! (TreeHugger)
  3. Study shows more job seekers prefer to work for sustainable companies. (GreenBiz)
  4. A New York suburb tries out a new compost pickup program (TreeHugger)
  5. Who doesn't love Sloths? One woman took her love just a few steps beyond the memes. (The Daily Green)

The Green Buzz: Friday, June 28

June 28th, 2013

We’re up bright and early bringing you another radiant edition of Green Buzz! So put on your sunscreen, grab a coffee and lets buzz!

  1. University of Michigan students are burning up the competition with their solar creation. (HuffPo)
  2. It’s the customers of this Virginia utility company that are getting paid from Dominion’s new solar program. (NBC)
  3. The Sun is not too hot for these fourth graders… (TreeHugger)
  4. Hiding in the shadows in Cambodia, a new species of bird has been found! (Guardian)
  5. Like we really needed a reason to post a picture of a cute duck! Thanks to Buttercup’s adopted father, this duck is walking like a new woman! (TreeHugger)

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