From Farm to (Board) Table: How One Woman is Changing the Face of Agriculture in Georgia

Written by | June 23, 2014


How the 22-year-old daughter of five generations of Georgia farmers is helping to change the face of agriculture in the Flint River Basin.

We Don’t See Borders — We Just See Blue

Written by | June 18, 2014


Heads of state, finance and environmental ministers, philanthropists, scientists and at least one movie star… make over $1.8 billion in total commitments at Our Ocean conference. A meaningful down payment for the health of our ocean.

New Chief Operating Officer Lois Quam Chats with Mark Tercek

Written by | June 10, 2014


The Nature Conservancy’s new Chief Operating Officer, Lois Quam, chats with CEO Mark Tercek about “making the impossible possible in conservation.” Read more as Lois discusses innovation, global health, leadership, and growing up on the Great Plains.

The Gift of the Seychelles

Written by | June 4, 2014


Everyone has different places with profound meaning for their lives. For Hazel Wong, the Conservancy’s director of Conservation Campaigns, her place is the Seychelles, and she recently sat down with blogger Cara Byington to talk about her lasting connection to the islands.

Diving into the Bay of Pigs: Marine Conservation in Cuba

Written by | June 2, 2014


Cuba has some of the healthiest coral reefs in the Caribbean, but with tourism booming and the economy creaking open, Cuban scientists and land managers look for ways to preserve what they have.

Challenge in Sao Paulo: Overcoming Water Scarcity in South America’s Largest City

Written by | May 22, 2014


The reservoirs that supply water to Sao Paulo are at the lowest capacity ever recorded. As the citizens of South America’s largest city grapple with the crisis, the Conservancy is there — working to help secure water supplies for more than 12 million people.

5 Reasons to Love Sea Turtles for World Turtle Day

Written by | May 19, 2014


In honor of World Turtle Day on May 23, spend a little time getting to know sea turtles and find out how you can help protect these magnificent creatures in one of their most important habitats, the Coral Triangle.

When the Best Design Is NO Design, Except Nature’s

Written by | May 12, 2014


Breaking news: Virginia coast NOT devastated by storm! OK, so maybe that’s not a headline you read often. But that is the story at the Virginia Coast Reserve — because sometimes the best design is nature’s design.

Changing a Community, One Bike at a Time

Written by | May 9, 2014


Ever wonder what the people of TNC do after hours? Meet Jeff DeQuattro and find out why the mayor of Mobile, Alabama bought a bike from him.

Consequential Nature: The Power of Nature That Doesn’t Seem to Matter, But Does

Written by | May 6, 2014


A childhood encounter with a Tufted Titmouse may not seem like much. But could it launch a lifetime of wonder and reflection? Could such an “inconsequential moment” create a conservationist?

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