The Green Buzz: Wednesday, November 20

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Published on November 20th, 2013  |  Discuss This Article  

We’re blogging about nature’s heroes, promiscuous mice and controversial hunting in today’s green news.

  1. Bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico goes dark: what happened? (Christian Science Monitor)
  2. Hawaii’s Big Island bans GMO crops. (Huffington Post Green)
  3. Mangroves are the heroes in protecting this Southeast Asian town from typhoon Haiyan. (Bloomberg)
  4. Big game hunter Melissa Bachman sparks controversy with this lion photo. (National Geographic)
  5. This headline is too funny not to share: promiscuous mice bear sexier smelling sons. (BBC)
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Comments: The Green Buzz: Wednesday, November 20

  •  Comment from Nicole Rivard

    Interesting that the Nature Conservancy would include a story about hunting in the Green Buzz as it creates its own buzz in Connecticut where its allowing deer hunting at Devil’s Den Nature Preserve with a lack of any scientific evidence that the area is overpopulated with deer. It’s their dirty little secret. You are a nature conservancy so please let nature takes its course.

    •  Comment from Madeline Van Tassel

      Hi Nicole. David Gumbart, assistant director of land management for The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut, asked me to respond:

      The Conservancy has managed an annual controlled deer hunt at Devil’s Den since 2001 to help reduce deer overpopulation and its negative impacts. State flyover data shows the density of the deer population has decreased since that time to an estimated 44 deer per square mile in the Devil’s Den area in 2013. While we have seen some improvements in the vegetation since 2001, native vegetation is still negatively impacted by the high deer population at the preserve.


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