Halloween in Nature: 10 Spooky Photos

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Published on October 22nd, 2013  |  Discuss This Article  

If you look closely — in the dark shadows and under the thick fog — you’ll find signs of Halloween hiding in nature. In honor of this spooky holiday, we’re skipping the haunted house and heading outdoors for a glimpse at nature’s eerie forests and creepy critters.

Presenting our top 10 Halloween in nature photographs.


1) Moonrise – Sunset/moonrise in Altiplano, Bolivia. © Mark Tinker

Halloween spooky Forest

2) Mysterious Forest – Moss covered branches with douglas fir trees in background located in Angelo Coast Range Reserve, California. © Ian Shive

Halloween pumpkin patch

3) Pumpkin Patch – One of these pumpkins is not like the other… © jaybergesen/Flickr via a Creative Commons license

Halloween spider webs

4) Spider Webs – Impressive (and creepy!) spider webs in Silas Hall Pond, Connecticut. © Alden Warner

Halloween bats

5) Bats – Colony of bats in flight. © Heather Diehl

Halloween spider

6) Creepy Critter – Spider at Palmyra Atoll. © Tim Calver

Halloween fog

7) Spooky Fog – Aerial view of big pines above ground fog at dawn in Itasca County, Minnesota. © Richard Hamilton Smith

Halloween night sky

8) Darkness – The night sky at Fish River Station in Australia’s Northern Territory. © Ted Wood

Halloween marine life

9) Strange Sea Life – Commensal shrimp on soft coral, photographed underwater in West Papua Province, Indonesia. © Jeff Yonover

Halloween tree

10) Eerie Tree – Oak tree located in center on a misty/foggy day at the San Felipe Ranch, California. © Ian Shive

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