Lost in Time… And Found Just in Time

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Published on March 26th, 2013  |  Discuss This Article  

Maybe it’s because I’m a born-and-raised Virginia girl. Or maybe it’s because I’ve traveled the world enough to have seen the disparity between the way I was raised – and the opportunities that I had – compared to the extreme poverty in which children are growing up in many, many places around the world.

But the truth is, I never expected to witness such disparity right in my home state. In fact, I was admittedly shocked when I saw The Nature Conservancy story about the Bayview community – not far from where I grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia. I wondered how many times, on trips up to the Eastern Shore, I may have driven past this little forgotten community…

It’s hard to imagine people living in my home state without even the most basic modern conveniences – like running water and clean water to drink. And this particular community had been so completely cast aside that they weren’t even considered when a maximum-security prison was proposed on the property their ancestors had settled more than 300 years ago.

Thanks to a partnership with The Nature Conservancy, the people of Bayview found their voice – and their spirit – and at the same time helped safeguard precious coastal habitat. I won’t give away the whole story, but the video is definitely worth a watch.

It was humbling to realize that I felt a strong connection to a group of people who I’d never met just because we shared the same home turf. It’s a powerful connection we have with our land – so powerful, in fact, that the prospect of losing it can sometimes motivate a community that has “stopped hoping and started settling” to stand up and start fighting for a better life.

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Comments: Lost in Time… And Found Just in Time

  •  Comment from D Beacham

    The writer needs to check her geography. This Bayview is on the Eastern Shore in Northampton County, not between Norfolk and Williamsburg. I am embarrassed for TNC that no editor caught this egregious error.

    •  Comment from Megan Sheehan

      Thanks so much for pointing out our error, d.beacham. We have corrected the text.

  •  Comment from Dolores Wetzel

    This multi millionaire is buying up land like nothing and destroying wildlife, open space etc., like nothing and forever changing our countryside and farmlands.

    The communites do not want this, this was a silent and quick behind the doors sort of thing, and was in progress, and people were kept in the dark about till it was too late to really do anything about this…

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