DIY Wedding Invitation Ornament

DIY: Wedding Invitation Ornament

By Madeline Breen

As the crafter of my family, I’ve been wanting to come up with a sentimental, handmade Christmas gift for my sister and her new hubby. Since this is their first Christmas as a blissful married couple, I decided a gift that celebrates their newlywed status was a must.

My sister’s wedding invitations were one of my favorite details from her lovely farm wedding, so I came up with an easy do-it-yourself project: a wedding invitation ornament!

This project was easy to execute and would work perfectly for a range of invitations — baby announcements, bridal showers, birthday parties, etc. Here are the steps:

Price: $

Time: Under an hour

-Fill-able ornament (found at your local craft store)
-Paper slicer OR scissors & ruler


  1. Using my favorite tool – the time-saving paper slicer! – cut the invitation into approximaetly 1/4 inch strips. If the font size varies on your invitation, adjust the width of your strips so the full line of text can be read. If you don’t have a paper slicer, the old-fashioned scissors and ruler method will work!
    DIY Invitation Ornament - Step 1
  2. Curl each strip around a pen applying pressure as you twist. Hold the strip around the pen for a few seconds to ensure the curl is as tight as possible. Depending on the weight of your paper, you may need to hold a bit longer.
    DIY Invitation Ornament: Step 2
  3. Carefully start filling the ornament with your curls. Use your pen to “nudge” stubborn curls into place.
    DIY Invitation Ornament: Step 3
  4. Once the ornament has been filled all the way, pinch the lid of the ornament to seal shut.
    DIY Invitation Ornament: Step 4
  5. Add decorative ribbon and voila!
    DIY Wedding Invitation Ornament
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