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Green Holiday Tips from Our Facebook Fans

By Amy Ganderson

In the spirit of Green Gift Monday, we asked The Nature Conservancy’s Facebook fans to complete the following statement, “I’d like to make the holidays green for my family by _________.”

Here are a few of our favorites from our Facebook page.

Special thanks to the 329,000+ Facebook friends of The Nature Conservancy. You inspire us with your witty comments and generous likes. Enjoy!

Green Holiday Traditions from Our Facebook Community:

  1. Cutting down on lights and not cutting down trees! – Jennifer B.
  2. Using nature as decorations such as leaves, pinecones etc. for ornaments. – Jennifer T.
  3. Giving to causes I love in their honor, rather than buying stuff. – Feather River Land Trust
  4. We get a real tree and use it for the xmas tree then plant when it gets warmer. We’ve planted a blue spruce (which is VERY slow growing) and several other types of pine trees that are doing fabulous. Not sure what to get this year! – Melissa J.
  5. Shopping locally, shopping at the small individually owned businesses, and making some gifts. – Kim G.
  6. Using rewashable dishes and utensils instead of paper and plastic. – Matt R.
  7. I am going to be green(er) this Thanksgiving by NOT flying home to spend it with family. Out of all the things I could possibly do it seems to me that not flying would have the biggest impact. – Kat L.
  8. We used to make bonfire in the patio to not waste energy and just hang out there sharing stories and singing. Is really good to get to know each other better and have a good time. – Jessica F.
  9. Using newspapers or left over bags to wrap presents. – Betsy W.
  10. Writing a letter telling them my love instead of trying to buy it for them. – Barbara H.

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(Image Stuffed ornament. Image source: mysza831/Flickr through a Creative Commons license)

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