Our 60th Anniversary Takes the Cake

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Published on October 26th, 2011  |  Discuss This Article  

This October The Nature Conservancy is celebrating our 60th anniversary.

Yesterday we had one of our quarterly meetings here at the Worldwide Office and ended it with a special treat. The artists over at Charm City Cakes, you know Duff and the gang from Ace of Cakes, are fans of our work and had donated a cake.

Donating a cake is no small gesture for Charm City Cakes. Here’s a look at what went into making it:

  • 80 hours to make
  • 4 decorators to sculpt the animals, trees and people by hand
  • 1 baker
  • 12 layers of cake (4 tiers with 3 layers of cake in each tier)
  • 15 evergreens
  • 3 people – one fisherman, two hikers
  • 4 jumping fish

The finished product was amazing. Take a look through the gallery below to see some of the details, and for proof that we eventually broke down and ate it. For the record, it was delicious. Thanks to Erica Harrison and the rest of the gang at Charm City Cakes.

Oh, and if you’re interesting in helping The Nature Conservancy on our 60th anniversary check out what’s happening on Crowdrise.

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Comments: Our 60th Anniversary Takes the Cake

  •  Comment from Lina

    Hi, soy mexicana y me fascina su programa y pastel, saludos.

  •  Comment from Sharon

    AMAZING ……… as always.

  •  Comment from Debra

    Fabulous cake!

  •  Comment from Corrie Davidson

    Wow, very cool cake! CharmCity does a great job :)

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