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Published on March 9th, 2011  |  Discuss This Article  

Recently we posted a video previewing the new We told you it would highlight the things you love best about our site and give you a new way to look at nature.

Today we’re extremely excited to announce that the site-wide re-design is live. Head over to and check it out in a minute, but first here are just a few big changes.

Stunning Images

The homepage features huge pictures and nearly every page on the site gives us a chance to share our vast library of amazing photographs.

Head to the Photos & Multimedia hub and explore some of the best images we have to offer.

Easy Access to Nature Near You

We work in all 50 states and 32 countries around the world. Now thanks to the Explore Places We Work drop-down you’re just one click away from most of these sites. Find out what we’re doing in your backyard or in Papua New Guinea.

Improved Interactivity

Most states now have interactive maps highlighting local preserves. If a preserve near you is open to the public (one of my favorite ones to visit is Potomac Gorge in Maryland) you’ll get all the information you need to plan a trip and can leave a comment when you’re done.

We hope you take some time to explore the new site and then leave a comment below. Tell us what you like about and what you think can be improved. We’ll keep listening and make any updates that we can.

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Comments: The New

  •  Comment from Jonathon Colman

    The photos are AMAZING! And I love how much easier it is to find everything and see all the great work you’re doing around the world. Great work and congratulations on launching the new!

  •  Comment from Jonathan

    Nice redesign, Pew Environment Group just redesigned as well, it’s great to see leading groups like NC and Pew helping to spread the word.

  •  Comment from Dennis

    Maybe I’ve missed them, but your new design seems to have done away with press releases announcing additional lands and waters preserved. Preserving nature is the central thing you do–what are you trying to do, deemphasize it?
    All the other stuff–photo contests,”Green Gift Monday,” canned features, etc.–is just so much razzle-dazzle and windowdressing.

  •  Comment from Elli Davis

    The new page is much better organised so you can get required information easily. I like also higher standard of photos (or I guess it is a higher standard). It is useful to find more info about the whole North America and especially from Canadian environment. Well done!

  •  Comment from Al

    This site design was very nicely updated. Who did the new design?

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